Warranty and Terms of Service


1. All of products purchased from mStore, these bundled the original manufacture warranty. The original manufacture warranty period will be according the type of products to provide different warranty period. Please carefully read the product specifications and warranty period when place the order.

2. All products of original manufacture warranty period must be based on receipt or invoice is calculated from the date of purchase, Customers must present a valid warranty card, receipts or invoices to the original manufacture or authorized service center when request the products maintenance.

3. All products based on each headquarters and authorized service center bound by the warranty terms and conditions of service, please download and read articles:

4. The Original Manufacture or Authorized Service Centre reserves the right to charge / refuse to provide services to any products / accessories (“Product”) if:

  1. Unauthorized repairs or modifications have been carried out on the “Product”.
  2. “Product” is damaged due to accident, abuse of misuse, broken, neglect, liquid, water, fire or any other causes other than manufacture defect or normal wear and tear.
  3. Valid proof of purchase of the “Product” is not furnished.

5. Mobile Computer Land Limited reserves all the right to alter the terms and conditions without prior notice.