Mobile Computer Land Limited (hereafter called “MCLL”) pays high respect on your personal data and privacy. Please do not submit any personal data or private information to MCLL before you read carefully, understand and agree to this privacy policy. You are not necessarily required to submit any personal data to MCLL. However, if you reject to give us the required personal data, we would not be able to provide the required services to you or the quality of our services will be adversely affected in most of the cases.

In this privacy policy MCLL hopes that you can understand the following contents:

  1. How your personal information is used by MCLL
  2. How MCLL uses cookie
  3. How your personal information is disclosed by MCLL
  4. How to update, change or check your personal information
  5. How your personal data is protected by MCLL‎
  6. How MCLL handles personal data submitted by non-adult customers
  7. Cooperative service providers
  8. Data distribution
  9. Update of this policy
  10. Contact MCLL

Please note that this privacy policy applies only to MCLL’s consumer electronics products and relevant websites, products and services. Our consumer electronics products include but not limited to the following: Notebook computer,Desktop computer,Tablet, Electronic parts,Computer application program, tools and software

This privacy policy is not applicable in case the contents of this policy or the links to this policy are not shown in some MCLL websites, services and products, or there is a specific privacy policy available in the respective area.

This policy addresses MCLL’s main strategy on personal data and private information. However, it is not possible to resolve all queries on handling relevant data by means of a simple strategy. MCLL may therefore supplement this policy by providing extra message regarding customer product or specific services so as to inform customers for fulfilling specific purposes with such personal data. So in using MCLL product or services please pay attention to this type of notice via other means.

How your personal information is used by MCLL

1.1 Means, time and purposes of collecting and using personal data by MCLL

Account Setup, Purchase, Registration of Product or Services
If you submit your application via online for setting up your account, purchase, register our product or services, including the execution of your purchase order, payment for the product or services, validation or initialization for use of product, amendment based on your request, ask for provision of technical support or authorized to update etc., we may require you to submit the required data so as to enable the accomplishment of those requests. The required data include your electronic email address, receiving address for the delivery of product, telephone number, product information, time of purchase and the method of payment etc. so as to allow us to complete the processing of your purchase order, downloading the product and the provision of our services.
Participation in Promotion Events or Market Survey
Upon receiving your consent to participate in promotion events or MCLL’s market survey, we may send you messages regarding your interested products or services based on the information you have provided, such as your email address and telephone number. You can reject the use of your personal data for such promotion events or market survey by selecting the appropriate option to reject or drop such choice through the prompting window of our website, our products or by contacting us via email
Share with Friends or Invite Friends to Join
If you use our services and share the contents with your friends or invite your friends to join, we may request you to provide contact details of your friends, including but not limited to any social network accounts, email address etc. MCLL may use the data you provided to send invitation messages to your friends via email, instant messaging tools, social network sites or text/multimedia messages. The personal data of your friends will be used for invitation purposes only and MCLL will not save those data and in no cases use them to infringe your friend’s privacy.
Upgrading Services
MCLL may collect data on the system and application programs of your terminal product. This is for the purpose of advising you timely the latest updates on the available use of system and application programs. The data so collected for this particular purpose include name of equipment, version of system and application programs, version of operating system and browsers, regional and language settings, equipment identification data (IMEI, ESN, MEID, SN), network code for operator etc. The handling of the above data is limited to the application of informing you the availability of usable updates on application programs.
Data Statistics
MCLL may collect some information for statistical and analysis purposes. The information collected include name of your equipment, version of equipment, equipment ID code (IMEI, ESN, MEID, SN), rough physical location information about your equipment, network ID of operator (PLMN), status of use of applications, IP addresses of internet sites visited. MCLL’s only purpose of collecting such information is to:
- Provide you with the best personalized user experience - Improve our products - Analyst our operation efficiency - Compile statistics on market penetration - Improve the security of network and services - Kick start your after-sales guarantee services
Fault Location
In case there is abnormal situation about your equipment or application programs, and you choose to send relevant data to MCLL in order for MCLL or other cooperation parties to provide services on fault analysis, MCLL may collect relevant data including equipment model, name and version of application programs, equipment ID, error blog etc.
Data Synchronization, Share and Storage
Certain services provided by MCLL allow you to synchronize, share and store your data. MCLL will collect and store the data for your selected upload, download or for realizing this function.

1.2 Location-Based Services

When you request for certain services which are location-based, such as when you search, navigate or inquire weather information according to a particular physical location, MCLL may collect, use and handle the precise or rough physical location information in your equipment so as to allow MCLL to provide the above-mentioned services. The information so collected may include your equipment ID, type and model number, as well as the instant physical location of your equipment (including data for global positioning system [GPS], WLAN or operator network code). You can open or close GPS information via GPS settings. However, according to operator policy, you may not have your right to control WLAN and choose mobile operator network. MCLL deploys an anonymous method to collect physical location data in order to provide and improve location-based services.

1.3 Collection and Use of Non-personal Data

Non-personal data refers to data that cannot identify a particular person, such as number of people visiting our website, hit counts of web pages etc. MCLL will collect this sort of data in order to understand how users use our website, products or services so as to improve, satisfy the requirements of our customers. MCLL may at its discretion decide whether or not non-personal data will be collected, used, transferred or disclosed based on any other purposes.

2. How MCLL uses cookie

To ensure the normal operation of our website, we could sometimes put a small piece of data file into your computer or mobile device. This type of file is called cookie. Cookie is a simple text file stored in your computer or mobile device by our website server which is the only one that can check or access the contents of the cookie. Each cookie is unique with respect to the browser. It contains certain hidden information such as unique identification code, name of website and some figures and numbers. It allows a website to remember information about your favors or contents of your shopping cart.

Most big websites or internet service providers use session cookie when you visit their websites or persistent cookie next time when you visit them again. This will enable them to improve your user experiences by starting functions to remember users. Cookie can help website to remember your settings, the language, font size and other favors you will use when you browse the website via your computer or mobile device. It helps to avoid re-inputting such settings next time when you revisit the website. If cookie is not used by a website, you will be treated as a new visitor every time when you turn to a new webpage. For example, when you have entered your detailed information and move to another webpage, that webpage will not identify you and there is no way keeping you to stay at a login status.Our cookie will not be used to personally identify you. It is only used to enable you to have better operation and more convenience when you visit our website.

If necessary, you can control or delete cookie. For details, please refer to the contents in can delete all cookies in your computer. You can also set to disable the use of cookie in most browsers. However, once you have done that, you may need to adjust manually certain settings each time when you visit our website.

If you need the description on how to change browser settings, please read the following links:

MCLL will not use cookie for any other purposes except those stated in this document, and we will not collect any personal data for any other purposes.

3. How your personal information is disclosed by MCLL

MCLL will disclose your personal data only if the following situations are satisfied:

You have confirmed to agree:
(i)Upon receiving your consent MCLL will disclose your personal data to other parties.

(ii) Disclose your personal data to other MCLL subsidiaries or vendors:
MCLL may need to provide services to you via certain cooperation parties. Therefore, MCLL need to share part of your personal data with those cooperation parties to enrich our services and meet your requirements. For example, when you decide to purchase online MCLL’s products, MCLL will need to pass your personal data onto relevant logistics company so as to enable them to deliver the products to you or to provide you other customer services. MCLL strictly prohibits the use of common personal data by subsidiaries of MCLL or authorized vendors for other purposes.

(iii) Disclose your personal data by law:
MCLL may disclose your personal data according to the requirements of law, legal proceedings, judicial or government authorities. In the case when MCLL is involved in reorganization, merge or liquidation, your personal data may also be disclosed to the purchase parties.

4. How to update, change or check your personal information

You are responsible for the accuracy of your personal data you provided to us. MCLL will try our best commercial effort to ensure the accuracy of your personal data. We will delete or amend your data based on your request. You can contact us by sending an email to to make your request.According to MCLL’s terms and conditions, you can manage anytime your personal data such as the registration data of your personal account.

5. How your personal data is protected by MCLL‎

MCLL takes reasonable preventive measures to protect your personal data from unauthorized access, disclosure, misuse, change, damage and loss, including but not limited to physical, technical and systematic aspects. For example, in technical aspects, MCLL monitors our system by using anti-virus software and encryption protection to strengthen our protection against any attacks to our data centre. In physical aspects, MCLL sets stringent measures and access controls to allow only business staff who should need such personal data. In systematic aspects, we provide MCLL staff with security and privacy protection trainings so as to ensure that they fully understand the importance of data protection. Although we have taken reasonable measures to assure protection of your personal data, there is no any single measure that can guarantee 100% security.

Moreover, MCLL keeps your personal data at a specified timeframe according to the time required to finish all the items as stated in this policy, except the case that it is required by law or law allows to have a longer period of time.

6. How MCLL handles personal data submitted by non-adult customers

Unless it is required by law, MCLL will not collect non-adult personal data without the consent of his/her legal guardian. We will only use or disclose personal data of non-adult in case it is allowed by law, or his/her guardian’s consent has been obtained according to local law, or it is for the protection of non-adults. The definition of non-adult should refer to appropriate law and the culture of local regions and countries.

7. Cooperative service providers

To facilitate your visit and enrich your experience, we may have non-MCLL providers to provide contents or web links. You may choose whether or not you would visit these links or contents, use their products or services. However, MCLL does not have any rights to control their contents and links. MCLL cannot control any privacy rights and data security measures of such providers and such measures are outside the scope of management contained in this privacy policy. This policy is also not applicable to any data you personally choose to provide to such providers. Please see the privacy policy of the respective providers.

8. Data distribution

MCLL’s products and services may be provided by resources and servers located in various regions or countries over the world. Therefore, your personal data may possibly be transferred across the border to other regions or countries from the region or country where your services are used. There may not have any laws on protecting personal privacy in those regions or countries, or different data protection policies are implemented there. Under this situation, MCLL will take measures to assure such data transfers are carried out on a law-basis and your personal data are protected according to applicable laws. For example, via the use of standard agreement (if necessary) approved by relevant authorized organizations, and via the use of other appropriate technology and organization data security measures.

9. Update of this policy

MCLL may amend and update this privacy policy non-periodically. MCLL will try our best to give noticeable announcement to inform you of this update via available channels and means. Please check the latest version of this privacy policy when you visit our website.

10. Contact MCLL

If you have any queries, opinions or suggestions, you are welcome to contact us by sending your email to