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mStore Trade-In Terms & conditions


  • The product without any physical damage or scratch.
  • All hardware works properly.
  • No “Pixel Line” on the monitor.
  • Trade-in Product must remove all password.
  • The product is returned with original power adapter.
  • The above trade-in offer applies to notebook and desktop.
  • The promotion period for Trade-in offers is from the present until 31 Dec 2018.
  • MCLL verified the Trade-in Product matches the condition and functionality as stated in your trade-in order.
  • MCLL will not accept any Trade-in Product which is non-original, altered, counterfeit, pirated or obtained by any unlawful means, theft or other improper methods.
  • MCLL take no responsibility for any data loss that maybe caused during reconfiguration and/or transfer of the Trade-in Product during the MCLL Trade-in Program. Before transferring the Trade-in Product to us, please remove or keep a separate back up copy of any files or data in the Trade-in Product and remove any memory cards or SIM cards from the Trade-in Product. MCLL shall incur no legal liability once we have received the Trade-in Product.
  • “MCLL” reserves the right to cancel without any refund for those orders placed by applicants who have selected irrelevant models or provided incorrect or false information in participating in “This Activity”.
  • The offers given in “This Activity” cannot be used together with other offers/ coupons/ gifts/promotion offers at the same time.
  • The provision of the products included in “This Activity” is limited and will be stopped immediately as soon as the products are sold out.
  • Mobile Computer Land Limited reserves the right to decide the eligibility of transaction. Any matter or dispute will be subject to the final decision of “MCLL”. Privacy Policy and Terms of Use
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