Bulk/Group Order


To meet different customer needs, MCLL Computer Land Limited (hereafter called “MCLL”) designs specific order platforms to give more surprise and preferential discounts to our customers, one of the various platforms is “bulk order”. If your order quantity is equal to or greater than 10, please do not hesitate to contact our Sales Department immediately. MCLL will offer you a favorable plan.

Phone : (852) 3101 2898
Email : sales@mcll.com.hk

Business Order

Business Order

MCLL has different ideas for customers at various levels. Corporate customer is one of MCLL’s big target customers. The professional team of MCLL will tailor make an appropriate and suitable favorable plan for corporate customers according to their requirements. Our customers can fine tune the plan so as to gain more flexibility and diversity.

Please contact MCLL’s Business Services team:
Phone : (852) 3959 9388
Email : corp@mcll.com.hk

Business Corporation

Business Corporation

MCLL maintains close corporation with various electronics and computer product-brand vendors. The most famous computer brand name, “Fujitsu” is one of our business partners. MCLL adopts brand new philosophy and open-minded attitude to co-operate with various big brand-name vendors with an aim to providing our customers with the best of the class products and services. MCLL is able to provide an appropriate platform so as to enable you to uplift the quality of your products and services to a higher standard. MCLL also treasures your business strategy in delivering our professional proposals and analysis services at various levels.

MCLL strives to build up a group of diversified business partners so as to form a bigger business network to upkeep our competitive advantages and sustain development. MCLL is therefore a business partner that you can trust.

Please contact us at:
Phone : (852) 3959 9300
Email : info@mcll.com.hk